Please complete your Joint Equity Census by May 14th, 2021

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to fill out the Equity Census and support our journey to create a workforce that reflects Canada’s diversity. Your participation can help us better serve our customers and communities, and ensure we remain an employer of choice. Most importantly, it can help us build a work environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

With only five questions to answer, it only takes a few minutes to count yourself in.

Your privacy is very important and is protected in the following ways:

•Access to the survey data is highly restricted. Only a limited number of designated employees in HumanResources can view the completed surveys.
•Your colleagues and team leaders will not be able to view your information.
•Employees will not be identified in any public report. The data will be reported in ways that do not allowfor individuals to be identified.
•Your personal information is protected under Canada’s Employment Equity Act and Privacy Act.

The Equity Census is supported by our union leadership and management. With a more accurate picture of our workforce, we will be able to better identify employment gaps and barriers, and improve the services we offer to meet your needs and those of your colleagues.

Video link about the survey:  Joint Equity Census video 

Click here to see :  Joint Equity Census FAQ

If you have further questions about the Equity Census, please see the FAQs included in this package. You can also contact us at

We appreciate you completing the Equity Census by May 14, 2021.


The Joint National Equity and Diversity Committee